Mu Dan Jian

     Product Description :

      Royal Peony Sword (Gold-plated, Red shark skin scabbard)
      The name of the sword just fits its subject. As an royal sword, the sword  

      symbolizes rich and graceful. It is more elaborate than the common civil

      sword, with its elegant body decorated with pine veins as well as the

      fittings with several peony engravings

      The scabbard is the most orthodox Chinese styled design as well as the

      earliest and the most scientific complex material design. The Hackberry

      wood is covered by the shark skin which is hard enough to be used to

      make armors that cannot be cut through either by falchions or bows. The

      grain of shark skin looks like translucent dentine after it is polished

      elaborately. The Hackberry wood is dried in the shade, light in weight and

      well performed to breathe and absorb oils. The two materials perform both

      quite well as well as are handsome enough making the sword perfect with

      the elegant fittings and the red scabbard.


      Blade: 75cm /Overall: 93cm / Weight: 900g  / Thickness: 0.65mm


     Number: CR-M1

     Retail Price:  70,000 Baht

     Member Price:   65,000 Baht



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