San Jian

     Mu Dan Jian , Kun Peng Jian, Fu Jian


     Product Description:

      Specialists have been in a persistence pursuit of a practical sword for

      actual combat. The Carpe sword lives up to the long pursuit not only for

      the suitability of the point of balance (POB), but also for edges and

      fittings. The fittings without edges and corners make the sword more

      handy and agile.


     Blade75cm /Overall:93cm/ Thickness:0.65cm/Handle: Cord Wrapped

     Steel:High Carbon Steel Forged construction Scabbard:Hardwood with


     Name:              Mu Dan Jian       Name: Kun Peng Jian         Fu Jian

     Number:               CR-M2                        CR-K2                      CR-F2

     Retail Price:     35,000 Baht               35,000 Baht                 35,000 Baht

     Member Price:  33,000 Baht              33,000 Baht                  33,000 Baht



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