Tang Da Dao

     The veins of the blade are like the streamy warter with hamon,

     and the fittings are gloden-plated, engraved with gems, it is

     forged folded and purely made by hand, and it is just very close

     to the real antique sword.


     Product Description:

§       Blade:76cm /Handle:28cm /Overall:107cm

§       The width close to the point:2.1cm

§       The width close to the guard:3.0cm

§       The thickness close to the point:0.4cm

§       The thickness close to the guard:0.6cm

§       The POB is 15cm ahead of the guard


     Number: CR-T1

     Retail Price:  65,000 Baht

     Member Price:   60,000 Baht



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