Zhan Ma Dao

     Product Description

     This kind of sword can be regarded as a long edition of square battle

     sword, the name of the special sword matches its prestige and power.

     Warriors in ancient china would use this sword to chop the horses legs in

     battle. The narrowness of the sword not only lessens the weight but also

     ensure the strength as well as the effect of somatological engineering


    Blade:65--90cm/Overrall: 85--125cm /Weight: 1.15kg/Thickness: 0.65cm 

     /Handle: Cord Wropped

    Steel: High Carbon Steel Forge/High Carbon Steel Forge Fold/ forge folded 

    Sanmei construction Scabbard: HardWood with Brass Fitting


    Number: CR-Z1

    Retail Price:  70,000 Baht

    Member Price:   65,000 Baht



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